Dry Fire…

Dry Fire…

Who is with me? Dry fire… SUCKS. Doesn’t it? Dry fire is the most common form of training without going to the range and actually doing live fire. When I first started shooting competitively, I dry fired. Reloading a gun was something that did not come second nature to me. Especially since I was only 11, and I was shooting a Glock 19 in Production. That didn’t last long. I shot production for 3 matches, and over winter that year, I moved to Open. Back to dry fire it was. New gun, longer mags… something new to acclimate to.

With that said, do I stick to a strict dry fire routine? No. I just can’t find enjoyment in it. As an ASPY, I get bored with it all too quickly. Do I feel that dry fire is beneficial? No, not for me. Has it been? Yes. But I feel for me the motion of doing something over and over again to build muscle memory is 100% good training. After that, I feel it just becomes a movement, Repeating the same thing over and over but not getting anything from it. I would over-think too many things I worked on during dry fire, during matches, and felt that I wasn’t doing myself any good. In the time that I did dry fire, I did build really good muscle memory. And I think that I shoot often enough, and utilize live fire practice enough where I don’t need to dry fire. Over Christmas break, my dad made me dry fire a couple of times. But only for about 10 minutes at a time.

Although I don’t dry fire myself, I definitely recommend it to others. Especially newer shooters. To build that muscle memory, and to start building “safe” habits… Finger off the trigger while reloading, keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction, etc. So if you are reading this, and you are a new/fairly new shooter, then you would benefit from dry fire. But I wouldn’t do it for more than 15 minutes at a time. There are plenty of sources out there where you can find drills, and lots of different manufacturers of dry fire targets. Ben Stoeger Pro Shop, Double Alpha Academy, and Dry Fire Stickers. If you are like me, and love technology, you can visit Dry Fire Ninja, and set up different target arrays on a computer screen. (Attach your computer to a big screen TV for better effect!) OK, I have one more… A GM from Washington (Loke Tan) put out this PowerPoint Presentation. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE (Microsoft Office/PowerPoint required), open it on your PC, press F5 to start the presentation, and have FUN! I know, this is a lot of dry fire information from someone who doesn’t dry fire right? LOL… Hey, I did say I do recommend it didn’t I?


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