2019 Florida Open

2019 Florida Open

Rewind to a year ago…almost to the day to the 2018 Florida Open. Let’s just say that the 2018 FLOP was a… well, FLOP! In 2018, I finished 99th in Open, shooting 47.39% of the match points. Accuracy wise, I shot 35 Deltas, and had 25 Mikes. I don’t think I’ve ever shot a worst match. But, here we are, 2019 Florida Open in the books, and the results couldn’t have been any better considering the field of competition.

Day 1 went great. I felt slow, but I was very consistent. Day 2 seemed to turn a little bit rocky. My first 2 stages did not go as planned. But I looked within myself, took a few deep breaths, and refocused. I did everything my coach told me to do, and I came out a winner.

From 99th in 2018, to 8th in 2019… And as an “A” Class competitor, I surpassed even the “M” Class competitors. Thanks to my coach, I felt more focused than ever. In our first training session of the year, we went to basics, worked on patience, and had a heart to heart about my mental preparation and where I saw myself in terms of achievements this year, and upcoming years. This is definitely a GREAT way for me to start the 2019 season. Other than the 2018 US IPSC Nationals, I would put this match on my list of best achievements.

I truly have the best support system one can ask for. You all know who you are, and I can’t thank you all enough for all of your support.

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