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2019 Summed Up

2019 is almost over. With that, my major match schedule has also come to a close. What an amazing year it has been! My first major match of the year was Florida Open. Many people say that this match is one of the most technical matches you will shoot throughout the year. This proved to…
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The 2019 US IPSC Nationals has come and gone. I was hoping to go back to back on the Open Division National Junior Title, but IPSC changed their age limit for Junior competitors from 18 to 21. This did give me a new goal though… To beat Christian Sailer. With him being a GM, 19…
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2019 Florida Open

Rewind to a year ago…almost to the day to the 2018 Florida Open. Let’s just say that the 2018 FLOP was a… well, FLOP! In 2018, I finished 99th in Open, shooting 47.39% of the match points. Accuracy wise, I shot 35 Deltas, and had 25 Mikes. I don’t think I’ve ever shot a worst…
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