Upcoming Matches

Feb. 13-162020 Florida Open – Frostproof, FL

Mar. 27-29: 2020 Glock Area 6 Championship – New Smyrna Beach, FL

Jun. 26-28: 2020 Area 7 Championship – Dunbarton, NH

Jul. 8-12: 2020 Berrys Bullets Area 1 Championship – Puyallup, WA

Jul. 30-Aug. 02: 2020 Hornady Area 3 Championship – Alda, NE

Sept. 16-19: 2020 Walther Arms Area 4 Championship – Van Buren, AR

Oct. 22-24: 2020 USPSA Nationals – Frostproof, FL

Nov. 13-17: 2020 Area 2 Championshop – Mesa, AZ

I attend club matches during the weekends that I am not traveling to a major. Come check one out!
If you are interested in trying out the sport, let me know! I can get you set up with a rig, firearm and ammo!

1st. Saturday: Williston Shooters

1st Sunday: Shoot GTR -or- Ruskin -or- Hansen Range

2nd Saturday: OK Corral Gun Club

2nd Sunday: Hernando Sportsmans Club -or- Universal Shooting Academy

3rd Saturday: Volusia County Gun & Hunt

3rd Sunday: Hansen Range & Gun Club

4th Sunday: Wyoming Antelope Club